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Tuition-Free Public Charter School

Serving Grades EK-8

Tuition-Free Public Charter School

Serving Grades EK-8

Dear West Park Friends, Family, Neighbors, and Scholars,

If you drive past West Park Academy, you will see four large banners attached to the front of the school proclaiming what we stand for. These values are ideals, goals, and inspirations to all who are a part of the school. But now, more than ever, these are values that must unite us against all things that suffocate our nation, our city, and even our community.

Those four values are COMMUNITY, INTEGRITY, RESILIENCE, and EXCELLENCE. Sadly, we have witnessed our society fail to be a community where love and equality are cherished and held sacred. We have experienced an utter letdown of integral members of our society who have abused power over others and allowed prejudice and discrimination to be the law of the land. Some of our leaders and community members have made it impossible for citizens to demonstrate resilience. As we rise, we are torn back down again…and again…and again. We have failed to be profoundly American in our country where we pride ourselves on being able to seek prosperity and independence. We have failed to be excellent.

More than ever, we need these values – but more importantly, we need to listen. We need to learn. We need to consciously recognize those things that prevent true, full, judgment-free communities that keep racism, xenophobia, hate, and prejudices of all kinds from impacting the lives and futures of our community.

West Park Academy is here to be a part of those dialogues and movements that bring unity, and we will stand for nothing short of it. Our faculty and staff are committed to learning and growing. And we are committed to being teachers of truth and the histories of all people – especially those of color whose voices have been silenced, experiences invalidated, and histories quieted and nearly erased. We will stand against the injustices that have plagued our nation for centuries and those injustices that continue to threaten our citizens to this day; we stand against bullies small and tall.

Yours in education and community,

The West Park Academy Administrative Staff

Bradley Stokes, Principal

Mr. Bradley Stokes is excited to take on his new role as the Principal of West Park Academy. He has a unique way of connecting with students and prides himself on building relationships and being a positive role model that students can look up to. Prior to coming to West Park Academy, he served in school administration working in different roles including, Student Support Coordinator, Behavior Intervention Specialist, Dean of Students and Assistant Principal. Bradley brings a differentiation of experience having worked with youth and families in multiple ways for over 13 years including his past work as a Lead Mental Health Specialist and work in the juvenile justice system.

Mr. Stokes attended Ashford University where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Social & Criminal Justice, graduating Magna Cum Laude, and was inducted into the Golden Key International Honor Society. He continued his education with Grand Canyon University where he graduated with his Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. His past work includes establishing proactive interventions, defining the culture and climate of a school building and creating a safe structured environment where students can focus on learning.

He believes in making impactful investments in students and staff that will be long term. He has also worked with organizations in Cleveland and Akron to establish community partnerships and after school programs. Mr. Stokes has a depth of knowledge focused on at-risk youth and families including PBIS, Restorative Practice, Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, Behavior Management and Therapy for Tough Kids. Mr. Stokes looks forward to working with the students, staff and families of West Park academy and has a leadership style that encompasses all stakeholders. In his spare time he enjoys cars, sports, music, traveling and being a mentor.

Heather Stevens, Superintendent

Heather Stevens joined ACCEL Schools in 2017 with over 17 years of experience as a K-12 educator, principal, and superintendent. As Regional Vice President at ACCEL Schools, she oversees leadership development, instructional programming, operations, and strategic planning for multiple schools in Northeast Ohio. Prior to ACCEL Schools, Ms. Stevens worked as a regional leader of public charter schools at ICAN Schools. Ms. Stevens holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in the field of Education.  She earned her B.S.Ed. from Ohio University and her M.Ed. from Cleveland State University.

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Community schools offer an alternative to the local public school. They are free and open to all students and focused on meeting student needs for success. Community schools are among the top-performing schools in the nation.

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Founded in 2014, ACCEL Schools is a K-12 public charter school management organization (CMO) serving students across the United States in brick-and-mortar, virtual, and hybrid school settings. We focus on improving academic outcomes of students regardless of geographic location or socioeconomic factors. The leadership team at ACCEL Schools has a combined 1000+ years of experience as global school management operators with expertise in curriculum research and design, assessment, student support services, and education consulting. Our entire team fundamentally believes that all children deserve a great education and students should be supported as they pursue a wide variety of post-secondary options. Our robust technology increases engagement, access to resources, efficiencies, and academic results helping our students become productive global citizens.